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May 24th, 2004

risebedraggled @ 12:58 pm: eppy eppy eppytonic
good lordy

if anyone wants some good free underground jams to listen to, get on here


click on the thing that says "my blackbox" and then type in maelstrom_rock@yahoo.com for the email and "chaosbeauty" for the password.

itll show you a list of songs n stuff, all you have to do to listen is check "select all" then click "play selected" and itll play in itunes or windows media player or whatever you have. to add songs type in a band name at the top and search for the band, at the bottom of every band's page theres a few songs and you click "add to blackbox" and they go in there.

this'll be great for if anybody wants to hear some good underground shit, or if anyone wants to get other people to hear certain bands or whatever else we do with it. s'fun anyways :-D.


the fro

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May 23rd, 2004

rebeltexan1605 @ 01:59 am: freaking muckers, yay for maelstrom

May 21st, 2004

rebeltexan1605 @ 01:13 am: Commencement
How enticing, a community for a band simply brewing and itching to become part of the amarillo music scene. If any of you are wondering i shall answer. Sarah, Trevor, and Myself run this joint and all questions may be directed towards us. We will also shortly have a webpage up which we will post later and an all band email: maelstrom_rock@yahoo.com . Anywho. We will soon be playing gigs if all goes well and we are very very excited. we play just about any type of music that we feel like playing. all of our stuff right now is so indie and there isnt really a word to describe it. We are open forumed meaning, we are willing to let anyone who asks prior to a show or practice come play with us, any instrument, whether provided or brought. That way we dont leave anyone out who has dreams or wants to be in front of people making music.

Short background. Ive known sarah for quite a while....sort of. went to school with her since i started high school, same as trevor. but i met sarah officially in about November 2003. We hung out and became friends and then she began dating trevor the fro. then i slowly became familiar with him through sarah and aol instant messanger. we are basically the same person in two different bodies. so i gave up on my last band day 47 becuase it was going nowhere and began messing around with stuff which i later brought to sarah and trevor. we played unorganized a few times and knew almost instantly that maelstrom was destiny. we are a group of teenagers that have a love for music, friends, and each other that will hopefully stick together for a long time to come.

Anywho, sorry. Welcome to the community and please help get this whole shindig off to a good start.

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risebedraggled @ 12:57 am: thus
it begins


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